Product Summary

The PGA102AG is a high speed, digitally programmablegain amplifier. CMOS/TTL-compatible inputs select gains of 1, 10 or 100V/V. Each gain has an independent input terminal, providing an input multiplexer function. On-chip metal film gain-set resistors are laser-trimmed to provide excellent gain accuracy. High speed input circuitry allows multiplexing of high speed signals. The PGA102AG is available in 16-pin plastic and ceramic DIP packages. Commercial, industrial and military temperature range models are available. Applications of the PGA102AG are (1)data acquisition amplifier; (2)fixed-gain amplifier; (3)automatic gain scaling.


PGA102AG absolute maximum ratings: (1)Power Supply : ±18V; (2)Input Voltage Range: Analog ±VCC, Digital : (VPIN 3 – 5.6V)to +VCC; (3)Storage Temperature Range: G Package : –65°C to +150°C, P Package : –55°C to +125°C; (4)Lead Temperature (soldering, 10s): +300°C; (5)Output Short Circuit Duration : Continuous to Common; (6)Junction Temperature G Package : +175°C, P Package : +110°C; (7)Current VOUT = 10V: ±10mA; (8)Load Capacitance For Stable Operation: 2000 pF.


PGA102AG features: (1)digitally programmable gain: G = 1, 10, 100; (2)low gain error: 0.025% max; (3)fast settling: 2.8ms to 0.01%; (4)16-PIN plastic and ceramic dip.


PGA102AG pin connection